Charles University Environment Centre hosted the 4th TEFSI training on innovative teaching methods for sustainable food systems
The Environment Centre at Charles University in Prague hosted a 3-day international TEFSI workshop showcasing a range of innovative teaching methods with the aim to enrich the portfolio of course activities in the area of sustainable food systems. The workshop was held on 19th – 21st February 2020 under the guidance of lecturers from several European universities from Denmark, Germany, France and Italy.

Programme of the training can be found here: Programme

The course materials are available below:

Introduction: About the TEFSI project and workshop

Welcome to the workshop Dana Kapitulčinová, Charles University Environment Centre (Czechia): Presentation

About the TEFSI project Dominika Średnicka-Tober, Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland): Presentation

The ABC model for course design

Theory and practice of course designSusanne Bügel, University of Copenhagen (Denmark): Presentation

New ways of teaching and group work processes

Flipped class roomSusanne Bügel, University of Copenhagen (Denmark): Presentation

Theme-centered interaction (TCI) Pirjo Schack, Münster University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

FishbowlCarola Strassner, Münster University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

Case-based teaching: Examples from the TEFSI consortium

Action and Experiential Learning ApproachPaola Migliorini, University of Gastronomic Sciences (Italy): Presentation

TERROIR. Interactive market and shop survey on terroir products during excursionsAlexander Wezel, ISARA-Lyon (France): Presentation

MAESTRO. Students work for a company client with applications in the food sector and food systemsJoël Robin, ISARA-Lyon (France): Presentation

National dish – Sustainable diet approachUlrike Eberle, University of Kassel (Germany): Presentation

Creative problem solvingCarola Strassner, Münster University of Applied Sciences (Germany): Presentation

Giving feedback

Giving feedback to students: Feedback and Peer-feedbackSusanne Bügel, University of Copenhagen (Denmark): Presentation

Online platforms and e-learning at CUNI

Online platforms & e-learning at CUNI Zora Mašatová, Charles University Central Library (Czechia): Presentation

Practical use of online platforms at CUNIEva Richter, Charles University, Faculty of Arts (Czechia): Presentation

Participants working with the ABC model for course design under the guidance of Prof. Susanne Bügel from Copenhagen University
Group photo from the TEFSI workshop in Prague