Here you can find training materials on the innovative teaching tools & concepts developed for the TEFSI Trainings.

This is a set of training materials prepared by the representatives of the University of Copenhagen, University of Kassel, Münster University of Applied Sciences, University of Gastronomic Sciences and ISARA-Lyon in cooperation with (and with feedback of) other project partners.

Examples of innovative teaching methods that project partners shared during the staff trainings are as follows: working with Intended Learning Outcomes (Meta-ILO’s, Hidden ILO’s), constructive alignment in course designs, innovation and entrepreneurship involving external partners, on-line blended learning (flipped class room, video lectures/screencasts, on-line collaboration), student activating methodologies, innovative feedback (peer-to-peer discussions/feedback, video feedback).

Usage of the innovative methods has been in most cases illustrated for the subjects covering different aspects of sustainable food systems.

The course materials can be downloaded here:

The ABC-model for course design: ABC-Workshop, ABC-Storyboard, ABC-Learning-types-activities, ABC-Learning-cards, ABC-LD-Action-plan

Framework of teaching: Framing-Teaching-Workshop, Framing-Teaching-Belbin-for-students, Framing-Teaching-Blooms-taxonomy-teacher-planning-kit, Framing-Teaching-Belbin-roles-chart, Framing-Teaching-Group-work-process, Framing-Teaching-Table-for-clarifying-expectations.pdf, Framing-Teaching-Competency-mapping-tool

Peer feedback: Peer-Feedback-Presentation

Hands-on iPad video workshop: Digital story telling with iMovie, Supplementary you-tube video guide,

Food Eco Innovation Module and Competition (by ISARA): ECOTROPHELIA

A real-life professional situation for students (by ISARA): MAESTRO

Interactive survey on terroir products during excursions (by ISARA):TERROIR

Creative Problem Solving (by MUAS): Creative problem solving

Learning through experience. An action-based approach (by UNISG): Field trip cases

Group work processes-Belbin roles (by UNIZG): Belbin-roles

National Dish (by UoK & UCPH): National-Dish-tool National Dish-cookbook developed within the SUSPLUS project: National-Dish-Cookbook

Experience on innovative education from EPOS and SUSPLUS projects (by WULS): Innovative education in EPOS & SUSPLUS

We hope that our TEFSI training materials will inspire you to use the presented tools, methods and approaches in your own teaching activities!