ISARA-Lyon is a French Higher Education Institution (Ecole d’Ingénieurs) recognized by French Ministry of Food and Agriculture and accredited by French “Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur” (independent accreditation body). With 104 permanent staff and over 200 academic and professional lecturers, ISARA trains around 800 students each year (500 BSc and 300 MSc students).

ISARA covers three activities in the food, agriculture and life sciences sectors:

  • Higher education: ISARA delivers the “Engineering diploma” (Master-level degree, EUR-ACE label) under initial and vocational education but also BSc diploma and international MSc. ISARA offers a specialization in industrial food management. The excellence of ISARA curriculum is proven by the high employability of graduates (96% of them find a job within six months from their graduation).
  • Research in food quality and food heritage: sustainable food systems, food products quality and qualification, relation food products – territories (human and geographical values. A research unit works on microbial ecology of fermented products (bioprotection for traditional food, innovative solutions to improve food conservation at intermediate moisture).
  • Consultancy and expertise activities (see below).

ISARA has internationalized its curricula since several years and maintains a network of over 100 partner universities. It supports the development of language and intercultural skills for its students and obliges all students to experience at least one semester or internship abroad to be graduated.

ISARA coordinates three international MSC programmes: Agroecology (double degree with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences), Organic Agriculture double degree with the University of Wageningen), European MSc Sustainable Food Systems (in collaboration with Universities in Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Romania). As a member of the FESIA consortium (4 French private HEI in agriculture and food science), ISARA is partner of two other international Masters: EURAMA (Animal Production), and Food Identity – Erasmus Mundus (traditional food products), and has developed double degrees with ESALQ-Sao Paulo (Brazil), ITESM (Mexico) and PUC (Santiago, Chile). ISARA also coordinates short-term programmes as the Summer School on agroecology.

ISARA reputation is mainly due to its long-lasting collaboration with professional organizations.

ISARA develops consultancy activities for the food sector (contracts with over 50 companies each year), especially in:

  • The development and industrialization of food products, innovation and food safety, quality, R&D, occupational diseases
  • Marketing and corporate commercial strategies, labelling

ISARA experts bring operational solutions to the needs of the companies and professional organizations.

Apart from regular expertises proposed to the professionals, ISARA is used to associate professional stakeholders to its curricula: professional partners can have research or studies carried out by Master-level students under the coordination of ISARA professors, they can integrate students as interns… ISARA also proposes its facilities to food companies (food production pilot-scale laboratory, microbiology, automatism and processes, chemistry labs). ISARA is coordinating an incubator to support enterprise creation (6 to 8 per year) in agri-food sectors.

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