Münster University of Applied Sciences

FH Münster – University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) is a valued, innovative partner on a regional, national and international level with a long tradition of education founded in 1971.

The Department of Food – Nutrition – Facilities has about 1155 students studying one of our seven study programmes. Especially our Masters degree tries to address sustainability issues along the Food System. The Faculty employs about 65 persons within 20 professors, as well as a number of part time lecturers from industry, to qualify our students for their chosen professions. Currently the Department is running several module prototypes in e-learning and media learning fields.

Carola Strassner (main representative of MUAS in the TEFSI project) is Professor of Sustainable Food Systems and Nutrition Ecology at MUAS. She specializes in food systems sustainability, a whole systems approach to sustainability in the sphere of food and nutrition, especially the out-of-home context and alternative food networks. She is managing partner of the business company a’verdis – Sustainable Foodservice Solutions. Thus students benefit from a very close proximity to practice and a wide, well-established network. Dr. Strassner’s participation in the TEFSI project is supported by Giulia Nentwig (cand. Master at MUAS) involved in a wide range of research and the realization of the E-Booklet.

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