Founded in 2004 by Slow Food, in collaboration with the regions of Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna, the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) in Pollenzo is a private institution with legal recognition from the Italian government.

A dynamic, innovative university with a strong international flavor, UNISG is characterized by a diverse student body, with alumni and current students from over 87 countries. This diversity of experiences, opportunities, origins, and encounters is one of the distinctive features that contributes to the uniqueness of UNISG within the academic landscape in Italy and beyond.

Its original educational formula brings together study and practice, books and life stories, science and rural artisanal knowledge, enriched by study trips that encourage exchanges with food producers across the globe.

This methodological and pedagogical approach provides students with a holistic vision of food production systems both past and present and teaches them how to develop scenarios for the future of food in the world. 

The university trains gastronomes, professional figures fully integrated into the contemporary socio-economic panorama. Gastronomes have knowledge and skills relating to the agricultural and food sector and work to guide food production, distribution, and consumption in a direction that will create a sustainable future for the planet. Graduates work in the artisanal and industrial food production sectors, in small-, medium-, and large-scale distribution, in tourism, in food education, and for public agencies and non-governmental organizations. Many also go on to launch their own projects and enterprises. Some data:

  • 527 students from 49 countries;
  • 14 teachers, 6 scholarship holders and research collaborators, 53 technical-administrative staff;
  • 54 international visiting professors (every year).


Two Degree Programs:

  • Three-year undergraduate degree in Gastronomic Sciences and Culture
  • Two-year graduate degree in Food Innovation & Management

Four Masters:

  • Master of Gastronomy: Creativity, Ecology and Education
  • Master of Gastronomy: World Food Cultures and Mobility
  • Master in Wine Culture, Communication & Management
  • Master in Food Culture, Communication & Marketing
  • Master di Ecogastronomy¬†

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